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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A well earned holiday

There are few things more boring than other people's holiday pictures - and here is proof, with a railway flavour.   Through the great generosity of daughter Lorna and son in law Alan we went to Lake Como in Italy.   Pictures (click to enlarge) show, clockwise from top left:
1.  Maitre d' Artan (right) and staff at the St Pancras Midland Hotel were in Jubilee spirit
2.  Gare du Nord, Paris
3.  Two old dears on their hotel balcony
4.  St Pancras Midland Hotel
5.  St Gotthard Tunnel, Switzerland.   It was the construction of this tunnel that opened up the Italian Lakes and much of the Swiss Alps to tourism.   We were bused for a few km just here because a landslide had blocked the railway between Zurich and Geneva
6.  St Pancras Midland reception lounge.   We had a personal guided tour of the hotel from Hotel Guide and Historian Royden Stock.
7.  French TGV at Stuttgart en route for Paris Est
Centre picture - panorama car through the Swiss Alps
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