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Thursday, 21 June 2012

See the TV programme on 4OD and 'Tele-Tourism'

If you missed the TV programme or want to see it again, click on:

It was on 4OD (Channel 4 On Demand) for a few weeks after its first transmission in February, then it was routinely removed.   Now that it has had a number of repeats it has been listed for viewing anytime once again.

The TV programme has brought about a remarkable amount of interest with an almost constant stream of people taking photographs of the tower.

Because it is located in such a public place, alongside a busy railway station, attention is inevitable - and so far as we are concerned, it is really quite encouraging.

Yesterday, I was gardening in the evening sunshine when I noticed a couple taking photographs and taking obvious interest.   They were still there half an hour later when I approached the station drive.   We exchanged pleasantries and eventually the man said "I expect you have guessed - we are Tele-Tourists".

A degree of interest on first transmission was expected.   As the tourist season hots up, interest is definitely increasing.   Feed-back is 100% positive from visitors.   It is rather odd to have coach loads of  total strangers shouting "Hello Mark"!

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