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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Recent 'radio silence'

Sorry for the recent lack of postings. We have been on holiday in Italy - by train of course. I write this on a Leeds bound East Coast train - First Class for £26, Kings Cross to Leeds!

 For the past nine days we have had the pleasure Of First Class train travel in the UK,France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy and Eurostar of course. Reactions?

 VBest service and ambience - UK East Coast.

Best value - UK East Coast.

 Speed and ride - France TGV.  

 Time keeping - Switzerland, of course. 

 Presentation of trains - Switzerland.

 Best station - UK St Pancras by a mile. 

 Best Hotel - Premier Inn Kings Cross, despite staying at several 'posh' ones in Europe.   I have excluded the St Pancras Midland Hotel as it is in a class of its own and stands so far above the rest that comparison is unfair.

Best Hotel food - Hotel Maritim Stuttgart, whose breakfast must be without equal anywhere.

 Worst Hotel - Mercure Hotel Gare du Nord, Paris.

  Overall reaction - why on Earth does the UK need, let alone think it can afford HS2? 

 Next big task is the garage block. It may contain some features of a Swiss chalet!


  1. Dissapointing comments from someone i presumed was a friend of the railways - HS2 is needed for the simple reason that they are a massive success, and its the only practical and cost effective way to allow that success to continue; the West Coast Mainline is approaching saturation. The headline cost is huge, but yearly it is on a par (and follows on from) what's being spent on Crossrail every year.

  2. Until this trip I was not sure on HS2. The opportunity to experience so many railways in such a short time has helped me to make some comparisons and to have a reaction. Sorry if it ruffles Unknown feathers. I promise to keep thinking on this and remain open to persuasion. It's just that I will take more persuading than before. I remain a friend of the railways in general - and one in particular!


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