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Friday, 1 June 2012

A frames are ace

Steve Roberts dropped by this afternoon - jober as a sudge.   Between us we were able to manhandle the six A frames for the garage workshop into three piles of two, enabling close scrutiny.   The main problem with them is not rot - it is contraction of the wood which has loosened the joints - easily remediable.   Joiner Dave Richardson will rebuild one A frame and I shall use it as a template for the rest.

Earlier we had an enjoyable visit from The Restoration People - a group of Restoration wizards from York led by the formidable Imelda Havers.   See  Imelda, along with architect Geoffrey Holland, heritage expert Carolyn Lloyd Brown and Project manager Richard Schofield cast an eye over the water tower and bought us lunch at The Lion   A delightful day.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Mark and Pat. Lovely to see you and the wonderful water tower. Hope the project reaches its conclusion soon.

    See you soon,



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