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Thursday, 10 May 2012

We Have a Mail Box

We actually have a mailbox.   This would normally rank as just about the most boring piece of news known to Man but I am rather proud of ours.

Our excellent postal team at Settle have, unasked, been delivering mail addressed to the Water Tower to Well House in Giggleswick, where they know we have been living.   Settle is that sort of place.   Today they delivered our letter box flap to Well House.

They had already given me some good advice about mail boxes - get a big one.   That way they can deliver sizeable packages and when we go on holiday it does not fill up with junk mail.   Problem is, big mail boxes do not seem to exist, except at astronomical prices.   Soooo, I solved the problem by adapting a Craven District Council metal recycling container.   This was a left over from an abandoned recycling scheme.   That appeals to me immensely - recycling a recycling bin!!!!   I think it looks pretty smart and nobody apart from you and me would know would they?   Would they??

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