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Monday, 7 May 2012

Martians invade

Late morning and I am at the top of the embankment hard at work when Tim the Settle Station maestro shouts up to me,
"Come here".
My reply is unpublishable.  Two words.  Starts and finishes with an f.
Undeterred, Tim tells me that these lovely people, dressed up as Martians, want to see the water tower.   Pat obliges with a tour, after which the Martians pose in front of the buffers.   You simply would not belieeeeeve what I said to get them to smile.   Martians take some stimulating (a clue).

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  1. Mark & Pat,

    Finally got to see the Restoration Man episode. It provided a great back story to our surprise visit at the beginning of the month. You've done an amazing job of the restoration and also your contribution to the Settle & Carlisle. As Lancastrians, we get to go on it on Sundays via Dales Rail (when we're not cycling!) Now following your exploits here - keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Psycha

    Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. I had a look at your blog. Some super pictures. Nearly enough to make me take up psychaling. Nearly. I am struggling to link the picture of the scary Martian with the pint of beer with the friendly Martians in the picture on the water tower blog.


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