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Friday, 25 May 2012

Getting into the Jubilee spirit

Union flags seem to be sprouting all over the place in anticipation of the Queen's Jubilee.   Normally one would not dream of adding frills like flags to this already stunning building but sixty years on the throne by HMQ deserves celebration.   Planning permission is required for flagpoles in Conservation Areas - yes, it really is *.   So, these pictures are, ahem,  Photo-Shop simulations of what flagpoles and flags would look like on the water tower - if they were ever to be put there.   As prosecution would have to be initiated on behalf of said HMQ we may be safe flying the flags on Jubilee Day.

The flagpoles, if they existed, would be removable and would be stored out of sight inside the tank - see the top middle simulated picture (click to enlarge).

It has been suggested that we put an illuminated inflatable snowman or a father Christmas on top of the roof room in season.   Nothing tasteless of course.   Oddly, there's no local planning guidance on those.

* Actually, that scourge of local government red tape Eric Pickles, wants to brighten the place up by easing the planning restrictions on flags as the government's Planning Portal says:
but flag POLES - now that's another matter.   Eric Pickles for King I say.   Did I really say that?

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