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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Filming again

This has been a day of major progress, thanks to a plea from Restoration Man producer Melissa Mayne for us to assemble some willing hands to get stuck in to outside jobs and to be filmed.   Nephew David and Barbara transformed this embankment from a nettle overgrown nightmare into a seeded grass bank in a morning and a bit.
Below is said David creating a flower bed near to the station drive.   This is the only known photograph of David wearing shorts.   The puzzled look on his face is because I had just asked him to say 'lesbians' for the camera.   I was just a bit trigger happy.   Poor David is clearly thinking 'Did Uncle Mark really say lesbians?'
The Jubilee Union flags fly proudly over the tower - a Photo-Shop image for the TV.
Finally, Here is cameraman Duncan Stingemore risking life, limb and tripod in the station drive.
Lesbians have registered.Posted by Picasa

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