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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Visit from Mark Holdstock

Had a visit today from Mark Holdstock.   The name may ring a bell - as a BBC Radio 4 presenter and journalist - Farming Today, You and Yours and so on.   Mark is a terrific supporter of the Settle-Carlisle Line and his is the well known voice that narrates the Settle-Carlisle journey as a download for MP3 players and, more recently as the iPhone app.   He also did a splendid piece about the water tower in its early stages for the Yorkshire Post.   I first met Mark when he interviewed me on Lazonby station on the subject of 'Intermediate Block Signals' for You and Yours.   Anybody who can fascinate the nation with such a topic must be quite a journalist!

Fate dealt Mark a dreadful hand last November with the unwelcome diagnosis of MS - of the more aggressive type, primary progressive.     It has affected his legs and, disastrously for him and his radio career, his voice.   Very bravely, Mark has started a Blog of his day to day experience of MS entitled The Trainee Cripple.   You can see it at

Now that we have a working lift I felt comfortable in asking Mark to drop in.   He had seen it on Restoration Man and having now seen it for himself thinks it is 'brilliant'.

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