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Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Lift is Revealed

   Now that grandsons James and Ben have seen the lift and tested it thoughly I can publish these pictures.   The first two show the lift shaft as it passes from the first floor to the roof.   We had worried that it would be such a visual intrusion that it would spoil everything we had sriven for, especially the 'floating' staircase.   We need not have worried.   Sure, it is big but it is what it is.   It stands clear of the staircase and does not detract from it.
 Here it is at roof room level.   The area around the lift shaft at this level can now be finished.
 This is the upper part of the cage showing the floor buttons, an emergency stop, an alarm and an overload indicator.
 Below the control panel is a BT telephone for emergencies.

The lift (and the staircase) were intended to go into the new annex but the planners would not allow a three floor annex so we had to re-think the lift.   Anyway, it is in, it works and so far as we can tell at this stage it will be a huge asset - in every sense!
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