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Monday, 30 April 2012

Bridge deck in place

 Here are some pictures (click to enlarge) of progress on the bridge that will connect the first floor rear door to the embankment.   Today, thanks to help from FoSCL members - and blog followers - Chris and Lisa Watkins, we were able to get the bridge deck into position.

Chris and Lisa, from Sussex, are holidaying at Ribblehead - for the thirtieth time!   They knew of the water tower from the FoSCL Journal and from this Blog.   Passing by this afternoon they had a tour of the place then very kindly helped me with the bridge deck.   The four foot square fibre-glass panels exactly replicate the cast iron water tank base plates.   They were here on site when we bought it so one wonders if they were intended for emergency repairs in the event of any base plate failures.   Whatever their history, they make ideal bridge decking.   They will eventually be covered with anti-slip paint.   Meanwhile we have easy access to the top of the embankment.   Railings will of course be fitted very soon.

The bottom right picture shows a near perfect telegraph insulator, dug up whilst making the holes for the girders to rest in on the embankment.

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