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Monday, 23 April 2012

Big Welsh Richard to the rescue

We have had several visitors today - and have been delighted to show them round.  Typically these visitors have seen Restoration Man and are taking a holiday in Settle on the strength of it.   I have been struggling single handed to winch the two enormous girders for the bridge, having prepared the ground.  One delightful visitor this afternoon was the Rev Bill (name withheld to protect his reputation) from a long way away.   He was glowing in his praise for the project and was particularly pleased at how he said I had dealt with the 'pompous architect' over the staircase.   Sorry George!   Bless him, the Rev Bill offered to give me a lift with the girders but I politely declined out of concern for his age and possible frailty (combined with mine).

Maybe the Rev Bill said a quick one for no sooner had he left than Richard, a man-mountain from Wales, came by.   Richard, it turned out is a builder and leader of a 26 strong group of walkers about to walk the Dales.  Richard inspected the project and pronounced himself satisfied.   He then insisted on helping me with the two girders and a concrete lintel - now safely on top of the embankment.   He is here for the rest of the week and says that if I get some concrete he will finish the job!!

The magical appeal of the water tower still works.

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