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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tasmanian visitor

It is still March yet the UK is sitting under a high pressure area which is giving us temperatures higher than those in the Sahara Desert.

Pat and I took our first real opportunity to enjoy the sunshine on our rooftop deck.   I do hope the planners are not reading this because until we get their approval we are not allowed to 'use' the water tower, which we had hoped would by now be our home.

We have invited loads of people to inspect the tower and they have contributed generously to the funds of the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line.   We do hope this does not constitute 'use'.

Two delightful ladies who like many others had journeyed to Settle just to see the water tower visited this afternoon.   They were kind enough to sign our visitors book.   One, all the way from Tasmania, wrote words of Antipodean wisdom about the UK's antediluvian and glacial planning system.

More constructively, our lift installation starts, and perhaps finishes, during the coming week.   Perhaps we shall one day be allowed to 'use' it.

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