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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Roof room's skirt is lifted

 Ever since the roof room was so spectacularly craned into place the gap between the room and the tank roof below it has been covered with a temporary waterproof fabric skirt.   Two things have prevented us from making good that gap permanently with timber, plastic mouldings and glass fibre:
1.   the winter - we needed dry weather and at least 4 degrees C to do the job
2.   ongoing planning problems.   A wellwisher had complained that the roof room was higher than its approved planning height.   Checking by planners established that the roof room's height was OK.   Double checking by CSi who made the roof room established that its roof is actually 50mm BELOW its planned height!   If we felt petty and vindictive we could have jacked it UP by a couple of inches!

Pictures (click to enlarge) show the plastic skirt around the base of the roof room and Bob the Builder (front) and James the Roofer pretending to apply the first piece of the miles of fibreglass bandage to seal it all up.   A proper pair of tankers.
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