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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Then THREE come along at once!

The TV programme has provoked a huge amount of reaction - all positive and supportive. Settle Station has been bustling with people just visiting, taking photographs or travelling on the line having seen it on TV.

One big surprise has been an e-mail form Kerry and Chris Hones in Germany who are in the process of restoring and converting as their home not one but THREE railway water towers. We still believe ours is unique in the UK but not worldwide. Their 'before' picture above shows their towers (why three so close together?). The water tanks have been removed but these towers have a feature that ours lacks - shell and bullet holes!!! Click on the picture and look at the brick superstructure on the left.   The shelling dates from the battle of Nennig in 1945 which not only damaged the towers but destroyed local records.   However, the towers are known to date from 1876 - the very year of the Settle tower.

These towers are still work in progress after eight years but the square one in the middle is now occupied.

Kerry Hones has been kind enough to send me several photographs and much detail of their experiences.   I shall not disclose too much here as there is a book's worth of fascination there.    There are incredible similarities with our experience.   Locally they are known as the mad English couple.

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