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Monday, 20 February 2012

Some interior views

Click to enlarge. In case you were not able to open the web album of Alex Reeves' pictures here is a collage taken this morning by me. Alex's camera bristles with bells and whistles whereas mine is a point-it-and-press affair so they are not as good. Just in case you are wondering the bed with straps across it, second from left lower, does not reflect anything kinky. It is a fold away bed located in what for 99% of the time is the office area on the ground floor. It did not appear in the TV programme because presenter George Clarke and I and the film crew had fits of the giggles about the straps. Notice the porcelain finials on the oak stairway, bottom right - former railway telegraph insulators. Another source of the giggles when I asked George if he liked the knobs. Childish.
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