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Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Restoration Man black book

If you watch Restoration Man you will have seen people being presented with a black book - a souvenir of their project. Frustratingly, the viewers never get to see what is in it. Our black book was presented to us by George Clarke on top of the tower, with the camera in the skylift outside the tank. We popped a cork and toasted the finish of the work.

A group of passengers on the station realised what was happening and gave us a cheer and a wave.

Here is our black book and three sample double pages so you get the idea. It is the work of assistant producer Tom Cullum and is no mere token prop for the television programme. It really is a thoughtful and beautifully presented scrapbook of the build plus the results of the historical research the Restoration Man team have undertaken. Altogether a delightful touch - a souvenir to treasure for ever.

Click the image to enlarge it.
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  1. I had the pleasure and luck to see this lovely building today whilst on a business trip to Settle. I even got to talk albeit briefly to the owner, who asked if Settle was being invaded (a load of us piled out of the station at once). I wished I had the time to chat more, but it was my brush with fame! Lovely town and very friendly people.


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