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Monday, 13 February 2012

I do not belieeeeeve it!!

Today's post brought a letter from Craven District Council's 'Planning Policy Team' asking what we were going to do with the water tower (application ref 62/2010/11195) and inviting us to complete a two page questionnaire in reply.  It is a laudable measure to increase housing stock by making sure that people are not just sitting on planning permissions for dwellings.    As it happens we cannot occupy our new home because of as yet undischarged planning conditions.

Question 5 asks 'If works have paused on site please specify why:'

Having spent most of yesterday  submitting our third planning application form since our saga started (in an umpteenth attempt to satisfy four of the legion of planning conditions imposed on us) I am very very tempted to tell them why:  !!!!!

Are there any planners on the planning policy team?

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