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Friday, 3 February 2012

Dressing the set

The final filming was a revelation in more ways than one.   For two days before the film crew came, Producer Melissa Mayne and Assistant Producer Tom Cullum were here to check that everything was absolutely ready for the cameras.   They didn't just look - they rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in.   Their painting and decorating skills are considerable.   But they should stick to TV Producing primarily.

The other surprising thing was the arrival of Alexandra Reeves.   Alex's job was to dress the set for television - to make the place look its best.    With the placement of flowers, pot plants and the thoughtful arrangement of furniture and other bits and pieces she worked a minor miracle on the place that was so recently a building site.   We are deeply grateful to her and to Tiger Aspect for this makeover.    If ever we move house (most unlikely!) we shall call on Alex.

As soon as the TV programme is aired on 16th February, but not before, we shall publish on the blog some of her stunning room-by-room photographs of her work.

Alexandra Reeves
Interior Styling and Design
Mob. 07949 080 155 

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