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Monday, 13 February 2012

Cousin Barry in Canada

An e-mail today from cousin Barry in Canada, a follower of this Blog, set me wondering who else is following the progress of our water tower.   Barry from Canada (we call him Birry from Cinida) calls a spade a spade and tells me "I no longer think you quite as mad as I did originally".   That, from Birry, is high praise.

Birry's e-mail prompted me to check on the stats. where our Blog followers are from.   I last did this many months ago but, just for fun, in descending order of hits here is the latest picture:

United Kingdom (unsurprisingly)
United States (Hi Barb, Miles, Julie, Anna and Margot et al)
Canada (hi Birry and Mary)
Russia (well I never)
Germany (sorry about references to the tower being painted grey in 1939)
Philippines (possibly Nolly from the QM2?)
Argentina (well, that's a surprise but you are very welcome)

It's a small world.  I do know we have a follower, Mike Dean in St Helena (a dot in the south Atlantic) but that seems to be statistically insignificant.   Unless the internet counts St Helena as Argentina.  Surely not!!

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