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Monday, 9 January 2012

Two for Melissa

The next three weeks involve decorating, furnishing and generally transforming the place from a building site into a home. A visible symbol of this was the removal of advertising boards that had adorned the north west corner of the building. Here we see the signs removed and the building emerging in all its glory. Builder Carl Johnson remarked that the signs had been well worthwhile.

This is the north end of the tower, now signless apart from the house name sign. This will be repositioned onto a board on the two oak posts in the foreground, which had carried Settle Fencing's advertisement. This was the intention throughout - a win-win all round.

Why the caption 'Two for Melissa'? Melissa Mayne is the TV show's producer and she had asked for the adverts to be removed before the final day of filming. Melissa, that's two pints you owe me.
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