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Monday, 30 January 2012

The televising of the finished project

We cannot show you all the finished rooms. That would spoil the surprise of the final programme - on 16th February - but here we see, left to right, producer Melissa, presenter George, cameraman James and Pat in the main room.

Director Olly and producer Melissa getting down to business.

There were two cameras involved today. Here is one of them - and the very TV on which we shall watch the programme. Both ends of the process!

Today was a clear January day - great for filming outdoors. Aerial shots were done with a Skylift - seen here on its outriggers with all six wheels clear of the ground.

Cameraman Matt needs a head for heights for this shot. A strong stomach too as the temperature of the hydraulic fluid of the Skylift meant that the cradle's motion was jerky - not good for the nerves or for filming.

Assistant producer Tom tops up the champagne flutes with lemonade. Do not believe everything you see on the telly!
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