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Friday, 13 January 2012

Not for vertigo sufferers

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Today was a glorious cloudless winter's day so Carl Johnson donned harness and lifeline and set about a vital but awkward job - raking out and sealing the joints between the tank and the tops of the tower walls. The left hand frame shows the situation - the joints had failed on horizontal and vertical seams allowing water to penetrate the tower walls from the top. Wind driven rain would pour in and it was essential that we cured this.

Carl is perfectly safe as he is tied firmly to the tower. Even so he is working on an 18" wide ledge, which takes some nerve. Throughout the operation, which took several hours he was assisted by apprentice Tim Wilson who maintained a constant supply of sealant tubes and kept the anchorage moving as work progressed. Tim is in the centre frame, on top of the tank.

When I worked on the tank sides I did at least have the comfort and psychological security of Gordon the Gondola. Carl just had faith in his equipment and his excellent colleagues. Another fine job well done - even on Friday the 13th.
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