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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

We have access

After almost a week of road works to connect sewage and water the trenches have been back-filled and we again have access to our site.   Builders Kilburn and Johnson are returning in force tomorrow.   Several door frames have been fitted today by joiner Dave Richardson.   The plumbing is finished and the rainwater harvesting system seems to work.   More and more lights are coming live and there is a feeling of progress about the place. The heating works too!

I went to Carlisle yesterday for a new pair of glasses and was measured up for them by Specsaver's finest - Amber - a credit to her firm and a new reader of this Blog.  

One of the features of Blogs is that you can examine the statistics and see where in the world people are viewing it.   Unsurprisingly, the UK has most readers by far but, in descending order, the UK is followed by the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, New Zealand, Latvia and Spain.   You needed to know that didn't you?

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