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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Visible progress on several fronts

Gav and Peter with the north retaining wall. Great stuff. Just wait until you see this finished.

Meanwhile Les Brewer has been taming the embankment.

And Jordan the tiler has most of the bathroom walls and floors tiled.

Chris Arstrong, Unimog and digger have been clearing the site and excavating the area where the main entrance onto the station drive will be. The flat area in front of the pile of stones is where the garages will be. There seem to be several layers of stone and tarmac already there so we may not need to lay such a substantial base for the outbuilding as we had anticipated.
Finally, we are gradually lighting the place up as the second fix electrics are installed. This is what was previously the exterior dentition stones just below the tank - now a well lit feature of the kitchen ceiling. It was builders Richard and Carl's idea to build the ceiling in such a way that these were not covered in by the ceiling. Electrician Jonathan Mounsey then suggested illuminating them with LEDs. What a pleasing result.
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