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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ladder for sale

This is the top bit of what was an exceptionally long and strong ladder belonging to Kilburn and Johnson - until one of Whitelock's Tonka toys drove over it. So far there has only been passing interest so the price has been raised to £6 from £5 in an attempt to push it into a higher sector of the market.

The slope to the side door is looking great. Those flagstones were salvaged from the floor of the tower and are 4 inches thick.

A bank of light switches - deliberately industrial in style. There is a similar array on each floor. We may need coaching on what does what.

Electric Ollie has done a super job on complicated wiring. He turns camera shy whilst fitting an 'up and down' light to an inside corridor. These stainless steel lights are designed for exterior use but look the part indoors too.
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