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Monday, 14 May 2018

Soaking up the Views

Michael Portillo has seen some sights in his time but even he, on taking the lift to our top floor for the first time and seeing this could only manage a meaningful 'Wow!'

This picture by nephew David Kay certainly captures that wow factor.   Just for comparison, below is from a bit further south and shows one of the magnificent new 'SETTLE' running-in boards.   Also, the repainted information board with the Northern corporate blue overpainted with LMS maroon:

Along with the heritage gas lamps, don't they just look the business?    All done with Northern's knowledge and encouragement by FoSCL's skilled volunteers.

An alternative view is the one in the bedroom.

This old git is pretending to be me, broken left arm, swollen neck and sun hat.   Add in a bit of lucky-to-be-alive and scenery to live for and you just about have the picture.

The family have been here over the weekend and we were all thrilled to have our grandstand view of The Fellsman  (Carlisle to London Euston) flying south through Settle hauled by a new one to us, British India Line.   Here she is passing Staricks Farm, between Hellifield and Carnforth via Settle Junction a little later:

British India Line was one of a magnificent class of Southern Region locomotives, know when first built as Spam Cans because of their streamlines casings.  Here's one hauling The Golden Arrow:

With or without the streamlining, magnificent - and part of my post-war childhood.

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