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Monday, 7 May 2018

Restoration Man

We are often asked if we are still in touch with Restoration Man, six years on from the making of the two programmes about the tower.   The answer is a definite Yes.   There's Facebook and Twitter of course and we still get a steady stream of visitors who have seen the programmes worldwide.

And then there is this Blog, which is followed by some of the production team, not least the programmes's producer Melissa Mayne.

My discharge from hospital happened to coincide with a re-showing on Channel 4 of a compilation series of programmes including The Best Of RM, in which we feature.   George Clarke is kind enough to call our project one of his favourites.

Even so, imagine our tearful surprise when a lovely great bunch of flowers arrived here that same day from Melissa and the Restoration Man team wishing me a speedy recovery.

Not only that, we became grandparents of a teenager this week.   Meet James Mark Gavin - aged 13.0, during a hospital visit.   Manchester City supporter too.

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