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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Full Steam Ahead

Yesterday was just another Tuesday but Settle was treated to a feast of steam.

First there was the regular weekly Fellsman with the 8F giving its all northbound:

As if that was not spectacle enough, Flying Scotsman flew south in the afternoon:

The water tower peeps out too!

And here's a movie with even more of the water tower:
Indeed, Flying Scotsman obligingly slows right down for you!

Interesting to compare the locomotive smoke trails.   The 8F is emitting black smoke as it is working hard uphill, the fireman shovelling on coal.   Flying Scotsman by contrast is coasting downhill at full speed.  Its regulator is shut so no smoke or steam at all.

Can there be many TV Restorations or Grand Designs with such spectacles passing by as bonuses?

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