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Monday, 22 January 2018

Radio Silence Explanation

I hope some followers have noticed an absence of recent postings.   I have been back in Airedale hospital for another operation which took place a week ago tomorrow.   It was for a left (for those who need to know about these things) inguinal hernia.   I am now at home but under instructions not to drive, climb stairs or lift anything heavy for a week or six.

The need for the op was only discovered following a scheduled CT scan as part of the monitoring of my health after my big C op in 2015 - which consistently shows 'all clear', mercifully.   The report on the latest CT scan , whilst declaring that no C was detected, mentioned in passing that I had the hernia.   Surgeon Chris Newman:

wrote to me and said he would fix it if it was troubling me.   I replied 'Yes please' and within a month I was under the knife.   So much for all those horror news stories about a NHS at breaking point and elective operations being cancelled.

Once again, the whole experience was most impressive and really quite enjoyable all things considered.  The care and consideration at Airedale Hospital were beyond the slightest criticism.

One is bound to reflect on the state of the NHS - seemingly doomed to constant attack from whoever is not in government and a hungry media.   Seems to me there are inherent factors which put incredible, and almost unaffordable pressures on the 1948 model NHS.   Medical advances, and the resultant ageing and increasing population are two strong ones, among many others.

The sheer scale of the NHS is another thing, well illustrated in this area.   This was the local general hospital - Keighley Victoria:

Pat used to work there as a radiographer.

By contrast, here is its replacement - Airedale General Hospital:

Vast, and getting bigger almost by the day.   Vast, but not impersonal though.   When the anaesthetist paid his pre-op visit he was grinning from ear to ear.   "I've just seen your address" he said.  "Saw that on TV and I'm really envious".   That was nice.

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  1. Good to have you back. We were getting quite concerned by the silence.


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