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Friday, 15 September 2017

DVDs Don't Last Forever

Discovered to our dismay yesterday that DVDs do not last for ever.   The makers of Restoration Man, Tiger Aspect, had kindly sent us DVDs of our two episodes - the original restoration and the re-visit.   Neither will now play, sadly for us.   Googled it, like you do nowadays, and it appears this is a well known problem - especially if DVDs are left exposed to light.

But all was not lost, our re-visit programme is still on the Channel 4 website at

The link itself may eventually go so I must discover how to create copy DVDs - which will be kept in a dark place for posterity.   Maybe.

All is not lost - far from it.   Right up there on our third floor - the roof room - is a Personal Video Recorder  about which I had quite forgotten.   It makes no noise or fuss.   It just does what it is told.

I looked at its library today and, lo and behold, there was our original Restoration Man programme, and our re-visited programme,safe, sound and very viewable.   In fact it has recorded every single Restoration Man episode - and every Father Ted, and every Foyles War and much more besides - 350 hours of television in all and there are still 117 hours-worth free.

I expect if I r.t.f.m.* I shall discover how to put our programmes onto clean DVDs - to be kept henceforth in the dark.

* r.t.f.m. read the f-----g manual.

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