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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Afternoon Tea at the Traddock - via Buckhaw Brow

Last Christmas the family gave us a present of an afternoon tea voucher at the very posh Traddock Hotel at Austwick and today was to be the day.

Off we set for Austwick in the Model T, via Settle's notorious hill called Buckhaw Brow (pronounced Bucker Brow).   Buckhaw Brow was a dreaded ascent in the early days of motoring.   It is a long, steep climb, which gets steeper the higher you get.   The final 50 yards or so is the killer.

The Model T has sailed up BB many times before but this time she decided to konk out near the top.   Fortunately the hand brake held and we did not roll back.   The trouble was too little petrol in the fuel tank, meaning that the thirsty engine ran out of gravity fed sustenance and stopped.   This happened three times and each time the engine restarted after a minute or so as the carburettor bowl slowly refilled.   Anyway, we reached the top eventually but it underlined the need to keep a Model T's tank full.

On to the Traddock and a wonderful afternoon tea with champagne.

click to enlarge the Traddock

Gladys behaved perfectly on the journey home, largely downhill.   But we went straight to the garage and filled up.

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