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Thursday, 13 July 2017

We Host Guinness World Record Holder - Hagrid Leonberger

Having a quiet read of the paper at lunchtime when Pat shouted "My God, there's an enormous bear outside", pointing to Station Road.   I told her to keep taking the tablets, of course.

Later, some people came to visit the tower with three dogs, including quite the biggest dog I have ever seen - a German Lion Dog called Hagrid.   We soon heard that Hagrid was a famous TV star who had appeared on Britain's Got Talent, winning the Guinness World Record for the most objects caught by mouth in 10 seconds.

They were very early for their train back to Dumfries so we had a jolly good time with Hagrid, the biggest and gentlest old softie ever:

click pics to enlarge

 Pat and the bear, Hagrid

 Hagrid would have settled down on the Settle Down bench but he just wouldn't fit - and couldn't quite see the point anyway

 Ah, this is more my sort of thing.

 It was one helluva a struggle getting Hagrid up there so come on, where's my driver?

Even more of a challenge getting him down afterwards

and finally:
This is me taking picture number one!   A much better picture than mine, taken by Hagrid's 'mum', Sarah Woodthorpe-Evans.   If you look closely you will see that Hagrid's Dad, David, is in the picture too, betrayed by his feet and by Hagrid's gaze.

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