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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Lost Property?

It is a great joy to meet so many visitors from all over the world.   We are not able to meet and greet everyone so have set up a system of low-key arrows and signs so that strangers can find their way around a well trodden path, ending at a little black shed in which is a visitors book.

The comments in those books (we are now on our umpteenth) provide us with encouragement and, quite often, amusement.   Perhaps seldom like today though when somebody wrote:

"Loved losing my vaginity* here"

The name was supplied but not the full address so if we find said item we shall have difficulty returning it - though Sunderland is a clue.

* the spelling is novel and perhaps conflates an anatomical term and its status, all in one go.   It jolly well should be a word.  Now where's that Scrabble dictionary?

I really cannot believe the item / status was lost here today, a Sunday dammit but you never know.   More likely it was lost before our time, when the tower was empty, derelict and not exactly a public place.   Indeed it is probable that a few local items like this were lost here over the years.

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