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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A Perfect Summer's Morning

Lying in bed this morning I looked at the monitor showing the view from our rooftop CCTV cameras.      The view was so perfect I was moved to get up, go onto the roof, in my dressing gown, and get clicking.

click pics to enlarge

The shadow of the water tower intrudes but it is a nice problem to have for a vantage point like this.   Even the clouds are entering into the spirit of things.

The Station Master's House.  Giggleswick School chapel on the hill behind.

The station chimneys rarely get centre stage do they?   Penny Green are the houses and Lancashire is the backdrop.

The roof deck area is greening up well.   The tank's inlet pipe stands out as a reminder.

Settle Station's colourful signal box.

The magnificent pantry on our doorstep.

Finally, Steve's hosta, clearly enjoying things.   Not a single hole in any of the leaves - proving that snails cannot fly and are disinclined to climb tall ladders.

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