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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We Can Keep a Secret at Settle

We have known for a while that there was a happening at Settle today.

HRH Prince of Wales dropped by complete with Royal train and more British Transport police officers than there were people at Settle Station:

 click pics to enlarge

The station can park was full for the first time in months - with police vehicles.

People taking their dogs for a walk were searched

But the Police need not have worried about crowds, so well had the secret been kept.   They even had time to smile and pose.

Welcome to Settle your Royal Highness.   Sorry about the rain.

Shake a few hands.

And away.   Pat got a wave.

 And here's the Royal Train passing our web cameras at a snowy Ribblehead (0943.28) and Horton in Ribblesdale (0949.25).   It arrived at Settle bang on 1000.00.

And after the show was over the BTP posed for a picture.   I notice the dog handlers and their charges are wisely spaced well apart from each other.    This picture was taken by Settle's 'Scouse' Steve Roberts who has had more dealings with the boys in blue than I have!

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