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Friday, 3 February 2017

The Flying Squad Descend on Settle

Right alongside our Sidings gateway is a mobile phone mast.   We could probably heat our water with the microwaves it sends out if only we knew how.   The boxes of electronic tricks below the mast have been breeding these last few months and we knew there would come a day when the mast itself would be refreshed.   And today was the day.

 click to enlarge

I thought this would be a good opportunity to put my telephoto lens to good use and was soon rewarded by a scene straight out of Only Fools and Horses - the one where they took down the wrong chandelier.   The Flying Squad consisted of Brian and Kev 1 (blue and orange helmets) and the sky lift driver, also Kev 2 (white helmet).   He, coincidentally had been the sky pilot when they were doing the Restoration Man filming.

The first job they had to do was to remove the plastic cylinder / cover at the top of the mast.   The plan was for orange helmet Kev 1 to undo the bolts at the very top  whilst blue helmet Brian kept hold of the cylinder.   That was the plan only blue helmet Brian forget his vital role and the cylinder crashed to the ground.   White helmet Kev 2 had the experience of such events to shout "Below!!" to the workers on the ground who rapidly complied. 

My telephoto lens caught the moment perfectly.   The look on orange helmet Kev1's face speaks volumes:

Definitely click and enlarge this one to see the look on the boss's face

All was forgiven eventually and the trio had time to give me the thumbs up:

Here is what's inside the mast-top cover when the aerials have been removed:

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