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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where The Sun Don't Shine Again

It is the first anniversary of my operation for the removal of my cygmoid colon which was found to be cancerous.   Since then I have had chemotherapy for six months and Fragmin injections for another two.   In between times my left Achilles tendon broke.   So I have had a bit of a year really.

Today was the day when I was summoned back to Airedale Hospital for the undignified procedure of another colonoscopy.   Something of a moment of truth.

RESULT - no signs of further cancer at all.   I still have to have a chest and abdomen CT scan for belt-and-braces but this is exceedingly good news which I needed to share with Blog followers, some of whom have been kind enough to communicate their concern for me.

During the first colonoscopy when my cancer was discovered I had opted for no anaesthetic - and regretted it.   It hurt like hell, especially when they took biopsies.   This time I asked for pain killing and sedation and boy what a difference.   Furthermore I asked for the HD colour monitor to be turned my way so that, for the first time, I could see where the sun don't shine - as it were.   It was quite a journey too I can tell you.   I was introduced to the site of my last year's operation, evidenced by metal clips which will trigger future airport scanners no doubt.   That seemed fine.   We carried on up the Circle Line right up to its junction with the District.

After an hour in the recovery room I had two slices of toast and jam - hugely welcome after a couple of days of nil-by-mouth and a total clear-out.  Then Pat drove me home.   I was warned not to drive, drink or do anything important for two days, including not signing legal documents.

Nothing was said about Blog postings though.

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