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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Pickety Buns (PG Certificate)

Today was another strike day on the S&C.   The trains ran like clockwork but without the benefit of refreshment trolleys, whose RMT members strike remains unresolved.   Fellow RMT members, the conductors on the line, went thirsty and flap-jackless.   Nothing is ever straightforward is it?

This time the flying picket line was at Appleby station where an angry mob armed with iced buns pressed home their grievance.   The buns, sure to crop up on E-Bay soon, had RMT iced on them.

click to enlarge if you dare

Centre stage is David Sampson - formerly the trolley supervisor, whose redundancy has caused the fuss.   He may have lost his job but not his sense of humour;  he used to refer to himself as 'the tart with the cart'.   The picture above is from the RMT's website
and it shows David holding his buns Calendar Girls style.

Having given the matter some consideration I can declare that I preferred Celia Imrie in the role:

enlargement possible but unnecessary

And as for Jerry Hall in the stage production:

enlargement may endanger your health but click if you must

David, stick to what you are good at - and I hope you will soon be doing it again.

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