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Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Family Fly Over - Literally

Daughter Lorna and grandsons James and Ben are, as I write, on a plane between Heathrow and Chicago, en route to Pittsburgh to meet up with Alan.

Being a fan of I decided to follow their American Airlines flight from Heathrow.  I saw it take off and gain height over the Midlands.   By the time it was over the Peak District it looked to be heading straight for Settle.   Sure enough:

click to enlarge

This remarkable 'screen grab' shows the route of AA99 flying up the Settle by-pass at 32,000 feet!   The red line is the actual flight path.

We did wave from the top of the water tower but there was some cloud cover and we did not see the plane.  But we heard it.

Transatlantic flight paths from Heathrow often come our way but this morning's AA99 scored just about a direct hit.   Lorna knew I would be following it.   Probably a coincidence but I wouldn't have put it past her to mention it.

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