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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Meet the Gibbonses and High Legh Water Tower

  This amazing structure is #HighLeghWaterTower in Cheshire whose proud owners Michele and Andrew Gibbons visited us today to pick our brains and to share problems - and solutions.

 click to enlarge
This is their tower as-is and below is how it will be:

Another wow of a building eh?   It too will feature on Restoration Man eventually.

Here is Pat and the Gibbonses who are facing a huge challenge.   But WHAT a magnificent one.


  1. Mark - hope all is well at your end?

    High Legh Water Tower is now finished and on Restoration Man on January 12th at 8 pm

    I hope you like the finish and the journey we went on saving this property. A Lille overdue but worth the wait.

    All the best for 2017

    Andrew and Michele

  2. Wow Saw the episode last night.....blown away! you have done a truly remarkable restore.


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