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Friday, 1 August 2014

Pot Noodles, the Lift and Level Access

Pat has been very poorly for a couple of weeks following an emergency operation in Airedale Hospital.   Happily she is now home  but her tummy looks like a zip fastener and she is still in quite some pain - but on the mend we hope.

There are some direct consequences:
1.  I have been learning how to work the washing machine, dishwasher and induction hob.   All, I can report are easy peasy.
2.  The water tower's facilities which were intended to make things easy have been tested thoroughly and have not been found wanting.   The lift especially is a God-send.
3.  I have been making fresh acquaintance with man-food:

Add boiling water

Does anybody out there have advice to offer?   Pot Noodles used to be fairly disgusting but I have bought three (they were on offer as a multi-buy and men do these things).   I reasoned that they might have improved over the years - just like TVs, telephones and Cuppa Soups.

I shall report further.*

* Happy to report that Pat is getting better by the day.

*Unsurprised to report that Pot Noodles have not got any better by the decade.   Just dearer.  Avoid.

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