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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Trainloads of Talent

I took grandson Ben (5) on the 1146 today.   He told me afterwards that going on trains with his grandpa was his favourite thing.   Isn't that nice?

One of the joys of being a volunteer On-Train Guide is the opportunity to meet interesting people.   Today was no exception.

On the northbound train was Prof Paul Salveson.
Besides being a very bright guy, Paul is a thoroughly good chap, as this picture testifies.   He is a walking encyclopaedia on railways.

Then, on the return train was Dr Ian Dewhirst.

Ian is one of the most modest and unassuming of people yet stick him behind a lectern or behind a microphone and he undergoes a metamorphosis.   A historian, he has the ability to make the past come alive.

Not just that he is a Yorkshire icon - to the extent that he has a Northern train named after him!

Here is Ian at the naming of 'his' train.   This honour is not  easily won, especially if you are still alive!   Among other names we regularly see on trains passing through Settle are Barbara Castle and Freddie Truman.

He was returning home from lecturing in Scotland.  I asked Ian if he had checked out the train at Carlisle to see if his name was on the side of it.   He hadn't, which did not surprise me.

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