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Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Atrium in All its Glory

click to enlargeIt is not easy to show the dramatic change that has taken place with the atium but these pictures give a clue.   The walls and ceiling have been prepared and painted - some weeks of an operation.   The massive pipework inside the tower has been painted in the same colours as the tank.   The magical touch, as with the staircase (previous post) has been the use of LED light strips behind the pipes.   Minimal electricity consumption for maximal effect.   The picture above is the main outflow pipe.

And this is the overflow pipe, similarly lit.

The ceiling - the underside of the water tank - now painted white and sidelit by 4 Watt LED bulbs in the recesses.   The Ais Gill Summit sign - rescued from a skip has found a place that befits it.

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