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Thursday, 17 October 2013

What a Paint Job

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After yesterdays wind and rain today has been fine and sunny - the prefect day to paint the metal bands on the wagon body.   There is still a minor amount of lettering to do on the lowest grey timber - the unladen (Tare) weight, the maximum load etc.   Meanwhile I am chuffed to bits with how the lettering and banding looks.

Note the diagonal white band running through the letter L of COAL.   This indicated the tippler end of the wagon so that railwaymen could see at a glance if any wagon in a train was wrong-way-round;  vital when it came to upending the wagons at a dockside and into a ship's hold for instance.  

I took a leaf out of signwriter Eddie's book and used yards and yards of masking tape to do the metal bands.   If he, with all his experience thought it good to use masking tape I thought I most certainly should.
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