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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Another Magnificent Tower

I think it was a day or so after our first Restoration Man episode was screened that a water tower near Harrogate came up for auction.   Carol and Majid Nadry were sufficiently enthused / encouraged by our experience that they bid for the Harrogate tower - and got it!

They came to see us to compare notes - and submitted their project to Channel 4's Restoration Man, who have taken it on board.   We had no hesitation in recommending Restoration Man as a totally positive and helpful experience.

Here is their tower:
click to enlarge

The window openings have just been cut - hence no doubt the brick dust.   Still early days but this is clearly a very fine building in the making - and another industrial relic being rescued.

Pat and I are thrilled to be here in the background as 'been there, done that' resources for the Nadrys to refer to as and when.

The picture was taken back in July.   Is that Matt the fearless camera man in the cradle?

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