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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Eagle Has Landed

        The Aviemore truck has landed in Settle.   The pictures are preliminaries to show the nature and scale of the job,   It had sat on its isolated siding at Aviemore for many years and it is all credit to those involved in the removal of it that it has arrived in one piece.  

we knew that its wooden chassis was in a dire state and it can be seen that it has broken its back on one side.   Nothing that cannot be fixed though.

No sooner had I arrived and seen it in situ a FoSCL member from Settle came and drooled over it.

"Wow" he said.   "A Charles Roberts wagon with Morton brakes and Attocks axle boxes.   How fabulous.   What a find!"  

As with the navvy hut, we shall do a lot of thinking and research before we do anything else.   Ideally we shall seek out the original plans so that we can get things right or the wagon world will not forgive us.

The first picture shows some lettering on one side of the wagon.   Nothing to get excited about - it said Speyside Railway and was relatively recent.

We have already located a serial number on the wooden chassis which will give us something to go at.
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