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Monday, 24 June 2013

Settle Station gets new Fence

  These may be just about the most boring photographs ever Blogged but they depict a milestone for Settle Station.   Ever since the 1980s when the former sidings of Settle station were sold off - the line was going to close, remember? - there has been a wire mesh fence between the station and what was to become The Sidings Industrial Estate.   The wire fence belonged to the various freeholders of the industrial units.

Time had not been kind to the fence or its concrete posts, the death of which came last December when an ambulance on an emergency call drove straight through it.   Hee-haw, hee-haw, crump!

This looked like being a near impossible one to solve, the responibility for the fence being in too many ownerships.   Meanwhile, Settle presented a dismal image for visitors.   Network Rail came to the rescue and agreed to replace the fence in Midland Railway style.   And here it is - boring maybe but beautiful compared with what it replaced.   It is in fact a continuation of the water tower boundary fence.   Many many thanks to Network Rail - Patrick Cawley and Chris Chitty in particular.   And the fine team of men who did the work - boss 'Peachy' and his men - including Tom and Jerry (yes, really).
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