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Friday, 31 May 2013

Dave Richardson R.I.P.

    Sad news this week with the death of joiner Dave Richardson.   Dave was said to be one of the best joiners in the Dales and we were lucky to have him do the joinery at the water tower.

Dave was so proud to be working on the tower and was always there to advise and encourage me with the woodwork I did myself - most notably the navvy hut.   Had it not been for Dave's advice the hut could have blown away by now for lack of adequate roof bracings.   He was gently insistent that I included them.

I was daunted by the enormity of the work involved in rebuilding the hut but knowing Dave was nearby gave comfort.   His habit was to work alone most of the time.   I asked him about this.   He replied "There's hardly owt tha can't do by thisen if tha works it out fust".   I took that to heart.

Here is the magnificent oak staircase that Dave built for the annex.   It may have been his last staircase - and I think that was how he approached it.   His signature is carved in to the top step.

Dave Richardson 1943 - 2013.

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