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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Flying Summerhouses Batman

Two remarkable pictures taken from high above Settle when our summer house was being craned in.

The crane towers above the town and the summer house flies over the trees, under the perfect control of Brian Thornton, in ideal weather (no wind).

Stuart of Wonder of Wood Ltd took the pictures.   It is now officially ours as we have paid for it!   Wonder of Wood's invoice itemises the summer house in good Yorkshire fashion as 'T' 'ut'.

Click pictures to enlarge

In the zoom-in picture below, notice how high the summer house is in relation to the water tower's roof room.   You can just see the white top of Orange's radio mast behind the crane's black jib.   At that point the summer house was higher!   Also visible in a line across the centre of the picture are some of Settle Coal's buildings - where the crane lives.
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